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I got back from holiday a few days ago to find out that Neil Gaiman is coming to Singapore for the Sinagpore Writers Festival in October-November!

You need tickets to get in, but I’d already missed the ticketing date — apparently all the tickets were gone within 1.5 hours, but the SWF organisers decided to open up more places! But they were extremely limited, and only available at The Arts House on 26 September from 11am.

I missed him the last time he came down, so of course I arrived at 7am on Saturday to line up for those limited seats.

I arrived just 7am but I wasn’t the first: that was my semi-famous friend Seriously Sarah, who arrived at 6.40am. The night before, rumors were that folks would be camping overnight for the tickets. In the end there were no campers, likely due to security for the F1 Grand Prix that weekend.


He’ll be doing four sessions at the SWF: a reading with Amanda Palmer from The Dresden Dolls, a joint panel, and two individual panels talking about his work. Tickets were limited to one pair per head for one event.

So we waited. More people came, and they waited with us. And waited… By 11am, I’d counted at least 63 distinct groups or individuals that I could clearly see were there for the tickets.

Four hours and ten minutes later, at 11.10am, we were the first to get the tickets to the November 1st panel!

ngl_3Afterwards, Sarah and I found out that within half an hour all the tickets were gone. The first one to run out was the November panel, but the Amanda Palmer tickets were really popular too.

It’s interesting to see how big the fanbase is, but boy, am I looking forward to November 1.

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