*SCAPE Launch Festival – Day 1

Long story short: I had an awesome day at Embrace The Now, the *SCAPE Launch Festival! *SCAPE, if you’re not familiar with it, is a brand-new youth shopping mall and lifestyle centre. It used to be an open field, but they’re launching the brand-new shiny mall over the weekend. This is the first day, and I’m so sad I couldn’t stay to watch all of the acts at the main stage ):

Check out their Facebook page for the latest updates and pictures. The folks over there are really great at updating stuff, so there’s pretty much always something new to see.

These are pictures from just the first day! :D

The floating table attempts to run away from the Magician!

Mae and other band merch at great prices, at the bazaar!

Cosplayers! The cosplay competitions isn't until Sunday, but they were still around!

The generously-stocked Cocoa Tree. They gave us goodie bags of chocolate awesome :D

Old-school Kinder Surprise at The Cocoa Tree! Was ridiculously delighted to find these :D

Musician Nick Tan, at the Alfresco stage

Amusing annoyed cartoon cardboard creature!

Graffiti artists Mimer and Mizo (I think) work on the Nike wall near the 5-on-5 soccer court

One of the eateries on the 3rd floor. Music Cafe has cheap and good food!

*SCAPE also believes in urban greenery, even though they're right in the heart of the city.

Inch Chua, a very gifted young woman, playing at the Alfresco stage

Walking Hershey Kiss! (Bonus video at the end of the post!)

Impromptu guitar session inside the Maestro guitar shop

Performers at one of the balconies

Flea market at the custom Street Market space, in the basement has lots of interesting items to be found

Postbox, an excellent local band, performs at the Playspace (main stage)

Postbox performs again tomorrow - they'll be at Baybeats too!


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