Tally-Ho: Cosfest IX

Tally-Ho is a semi-regular column of my adventures with the Adventure Crew (and sometimes other people). We figured that Singapore can’t be all that boring, and are determined to show other folks how fun Singapore can be… if you know where to look.

Cosfest is the annual mid-year cosplay event. It’s been running for 10 years now, but it was my first time there. This is going to be mostly a picture post, since there’s not much to say about cosplay when there are awesome pictures to look at!

Cosfest IX was held at Downtown East’s marquee area, and it’s run by the Singapore Cosplay Club. It’s a really grassroots-type of event, with a lot of the vendors being indie little fanshops. It’s very much anime and manga-focused.

Scribble wall, with lots of Pokemon

Sarah as a Team Rocket member, with a Totodile in tow


Free Yaoi Kisses! Hee.

Who you gonna call?!

My personal favorite: Luke Triton and Remi Altava from the 'Professor Layton' series!

Cosplay is not just standing poses

Team Rocket menacing the Pokemon referee

Pokemon group shot - besides Team Rocket grunt, referee and Pokemon Trainer, the rest are Pokemon gijinka

There were also quite a few gijinka – broadly speaking, gijinka is anthropomorphising non-human things. So there can be iPhone gijinka, Pokemon gijinka, things like that.

Rattata gijinka even had cute matching shoes


More Pokemon cosplay! Look at the Pokeball takoyaki. POKEBALL TAKOYAKI.

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