Tally-Ho Special: Who Are The Adventure Crew?

You’ve probably seen this intro at the start of every Tally Ho piece:

Tally-Ho is a semi-regular column of my adventures with the Adventure Crew (and sometimes other people). We figured that Singapore can’t be all that boring, and are determined to show other folks how fun Singapore can be… if you know where to look.

I can hear you wondering: Who are the Adventure Crew? Fear not, dear reader, for I have the answers!

Sarah Coldheart, Adventurer Extraordinaire

Essentially the leader of our motley crew, she has considerable powers in computeryness, as well as the perchant for finding all sorts of interesting things and knowing interesting people.

She has many identities and faces, and sometimes she doesn’t even have a face – and that’s because she’s a superhero by night. Her gentle alter-ego is quirky and chic lit-loving; but her other identity of Seriously Sarah has her wielding the Ukeleles of Justice in a never-ending quest for adventure and fun.

Avariel, Ship and Photography Devotee

She once ventured into the wilds of the Amazon in a ship that was an exact 1:4000 scale replica of the Queen Elizabeth 2 — yes, she went through the world’s largest rainforest in only a scaled down cruise ship. She took a photo of a chupacabra with her very last shot on her very last roll of film, on her trusty LOMO LC-A+ camera… and lived to tell the tale.

Avariel spent four years in the Australia Beyond — not our lovely continent of koalas and kangaroos, but a strange and wild Australia filled with cryptozoologic specimens most of us have never even heard of. Now she travels through our world and the World Beyond to seek out others like the chupacabra, on her trusty 1:4000 scale replica of the Queen Elizabeth 2, dedicating her life to amassing a reliable photographic record of them.

She masquerades her travels in the World Beyond as normal holidays on her blog – but if you look hard enough, you might be able to see a Yeti lurking in the background…

Joelyn Alexandra, [———— classified ————]

Joelyn is [———— classified ————], where she [———— classified ————]. Rumor has it that she was responsible for [———— classified ————].

She likes [———— classified ————] and [———— classified ————]. Her range of skills include [———— classified ————]. The most famous story about her exploits is the one about [———— classified ————]; she was [———— classified ————] and [———— classified ————], whereupon [———— classified ————] and [———— classified ————]. Then she (or they; there is some debate about whether one person can do so much alone) [———— classified ————].

You can find her at [———— classified ————] and her home on the Internet.

Mintea, She of SCIENCE

She knows the most scary power of them all – that of SCIENCE, which confounds, confuses, and frightens many. Do not underestimate her petite frame and kind eyes. She knows more science than you and I can never hope to know, wielding its many mysterious powers in thick rubber gloves and safety goggles.

She uses the mysterious power of SCIENCE for the good, which we should thank our lucky stars for because the power of SCIENCE is not to be taken lightly. Her only weakness is caffeine, but fear not! She is learning how to use the Ukeleles of Justice as well, and her razor-sharp wit keeps most caffeine tempters (the dastardly devils!) at bay when the need arises.

Raven Silvers (me!), Geek Girl Ordinaire

And then there’s me, Raven Silvers, general laggart and gaming geek girl. I can’t tell you much about me, since I lost most of my memory when my arch-enemy (the name of who I can’t remember) hit me in the head with a Heat-Seeking Playpen Ball of Forgetfulness.

Don’t despair! One day I will remember who my arch-enemy is, and why they robbed me of my identity, and I shall regain my full superpowers. Until then, I spend most of my time travelling; my favorite places include Toad Town, Hyrule, Italy, Goldenrod City and Ankh-Morpork.

Also, I like cats and Mudkips.

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