Tally-Ho: The Hot Crustacean Band, Take 2

Tally-Ho is a semi-regular column of my adventures with the Adventure Crew (and sometimes other people). We figured that Singapore can’t be all that boring, and are determined to show other folks how fun Singapore can be… if you know where to look.


Remember the last time we went prawning? Yeah, the time everyone caught a prawn except me. Well, we decided that wouldn’t do, so off Avariel, Sarah and I went to change things!

Well no, not really. But my goal was to catch a prawn to make things right.

This time we went to a different place: East Coast Prawning, which is at East Coast Park and considerably smaller than Bottle Tree. It’s more of a chill place rather than a family funtime place, but their rates are lower and they’re less crowded.

Prawning involves a lot of waiting.

The procedure is the same, really: pay for your time, get a rod and some bait, then sit down and hope the prawns are hungry.

She even brought a book to keep her busy

And much to my delight, they were! Within about an hour I caught my very first prawn!


It was a really big prawn, too. It ended up being the biggest prawn of our lot. Still makes me grin thinking about it. :D

And then, I caught another one!

Me: 1, Prawns: 0! Ha!

The universe provides, ha. One for the first prawning outing, a second for this. I consider the prawns and I even, now.

It wasn’t just me though. Sarah caught a prawn too!

Sarah and her prawn

Then Avariel did! The universe provided for all of us that day, prawning-wise.

Prawns for all!

Bwahaha. Oddly enough, we were the only ones around the pond to catch anything during the two hours we were there. There were other folks there too, but I didn’t see them catch anything. Maybe a bit of that legendary Sarah luck rubbed off on us.

Then came the actual act of cooking the prawns. That… didn’t go so well.

Unlike Bottle Tree, they didn’t have an electric grill; at East Coast it’s all old-school, and by old-school I mean charcoal, fire starters, and matches.

This fire lasted all of ten minutes.

We suck so much at lighting a fire, it’s not funny. We had to ask the prawning folks to help us, ha.

On the way to nom-ability

Maybe not the most evenly cooked, but we got there eventually.

So yes. I consider this a major success for me, because I caught two prawns in two outings :D

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