Free Comic Book Day 2012

So, Free Comic Book Day for 2012 was on May 5! It’s taken me this long to blog about it because I completely forgot. Mea culpa, mea culpa.

Last year’s was a pretty good one, but this year it was even bigger with four stores taking part in the festivities.

Our first stop was local comics stalwart GnB Comics. They had two guests this year, Nicola Scott and Ardian Syaf, and a great sale, so the shop was insanely crowded! But it was great.

Nicola Scott and Ardian Syaf, being awesome and signing

Our second stop was Books Kinokuniya, but when we arrived, they were almost completely out of comics! Which was a huge shocker, since they’re a really big bookstore (even if they’re not strictly comics-only) but this year they’d started much earlier, at 10am instead of noon. But the staff were awesome and managed to rustle up the last few sets of comics for us, which was great :D

Third stop was Harris Planerds at Somerset. They were also giving out comics, but more importantly, they’re having a great sale until 20 May because it’s their first birthday! Get one item at 10% off, two at 20% off, etc. up to a maximum of 60% off. It’s on until 20 May (next Sunday) so head on down while you can – they have a pretty wide range of toys, graphic novels, and fiction. The more you buy, the more you save.

Our final stop was Paradigm Infinitum at Midpoint Orchard. They were launching their graphic novels section and giving away some older comics to celebrate. I didn’t get to check out their GNs, but it was great to see so many places celebrating FCBD.

It’s really catching on, so here’s to a bigger, better FCBD next year. Honestly, I can’t wait.

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