STGCC 2012

Another great STGCC was had! The program this year wasn’t fantastic (not helped by the problematic sound system) but the energy on the show floor was really, really good.

This is going to be a picture-heavy post, so have at it!

Day 1

I was there with Sarah, Joelyn and Mintea. We were cosplaying My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

This was great. Met with a ton of Pegasisters and Bronies, took in the energy of the show floor, really enjoyed the panels that they had – at least, what I could hear. But more on that later.

Day 2

For Sunday, we went as an Adventure Time and that was great too, even though AT isn’t that well-known here.

Jolantru bought her daughter to her first-ever con, and I like to think she had a good time, even if Sunday felt more crowded than Saturday. Lots of shopping was done, lots of Fanta was drunk, lots of old friends were met (:

So, onto the pros and cons, such as they are…

Good Things

All the cosplay: the standard of cosplay (of the non-anime/manga kind) is steadily rising and you could really tell! So many great cosplay, but I couldn’t get photos of all of them. To all the cosplayers I met, you are great! Haters gonna hate but I think you’re fabulous.

All the children: especially on the first day, since kids could only enter free on Sunday. Many of them dressed up too; perhaps we’re seeing the next generation of geeks developing their skills :’)

Artists Alley: the organisers got it right this time. Artists Alley was great, hosting many many great artists from Singapore and the region. It was, by far, my favorite part of the entire con floor.

Putting the ‘G’ back into ‘STGCC’: I was really glad to see that the gaming companies (well, EA, at any rate) was there, though I was a bit disappointed by their relatively small presence. Here’s to more gaming in the future!

Walk of Fame: I rather liked how you couldn’t form a line in advance for the signings at the Walk of Fame. I didn’t have to line up an hour beforehand, which meant I had more time to do other things. And both times I went for a signing, I managed to be first in line because I arrived just ten minutes early. But I was a bit bummed out that there was only one signing, per day, of each of the guests? If you could only make it one day and you missed the session, you were basically out of luck.

The return of GnB: I was so happy to see GnB Comics return to STGCC!

Not-So-Good Things

The venue: I have mixed feelings about the venue. MBS was bigger than Suntec, if slightly less accessible by public transport, but. Everything in MBS is very expensive and there’s basically no variety of affordable eating places, though we made do with a mini-picnic from Cold Storage. Rooms are really expensive too.

Floor layout: the layout of the show floor was a bit odd. The organisers had set aside a big part of Hall C as a ‘free space’ for photogs and cosplayers to use, but there was no access from the main show floor; you had to walk out of the hall, then into Hall C.

More ‘C’ in the ‘STGCC: I would like to see more comics at the con. There’s still a strong emphasis on toys, but I’d like more comics.

Bad Things

Ticketing woes: seriously. Please, please, please fix your ticketing. On Saturday morning, the on-site sales line was moving much faster than the online, pre-ordered ticketing line because there were two cash counters to the single online sales counter, and they couldn’t scan the barcode on the email confirmation – she had to search for my name in the system. What’s the point of buying online then?

The second day, I had to flash the small part of my ticket – one that I nearly lost in the shuffle of the first day. I was super lucky because my costume had pockets so I didn’t lose it.Two-day ticket holders didn’t get to keep their ticket stubs, either. I would like to have a keepsake of a great con.

The sound system: the soundsystem was problematic. We were sitting just outside the seating gallery of the stage area, but we couldn’t hear the panel speakers because it was just garbled sound.

In the end…

I had a great time at STGCC 2012. There’s room for improvement, but the energy on the show floor was great, and I think that this has been the most enjoyable STGCC yet.

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