Comic Fiesta 2012

First off: Happy new year, folks! We survived the apocalypse, whoo!

Onto one of my highlights of 2012, Comic Fiesta in Kuala Lumpur! It’s a huge highlight cos I had a lot of fun, it’s my first overseas con, and the first Adventure Crew roadtrip.

Comic Fiesta was the weekend before Christmas, but we’d been planning it long before that. So it was super exciting when it was finally time!

I was supposed to take the bus up with Sarah, Avariel, Mintea and Mintea’s sister but something came up, so I took a flight instead. (It took longer to get from the KL airport to the hotel, than it was to fly from Singapore to KL, haha)

Chuffy Bug came with me!

Chuffy Bug came with me!

But the day before the con, we had some very srs biznss to attend to: there was A&W to be eaten. Yes, A&W, which we haven’t had in Singapore for years. With the help of a friend who lived in KL, we headed down to Taman Jaya station via LRT.

That is the nearest A&W to KLCC, by the way. The Bukit Bintang outlet closed so it was the Taman Jaya one, which is half an hour away by LRT. It’s right next to the station too, so yay!

And the next day, we hit the con floor!

We were lucky enough to have preorder tickets (which sold out really quickly) so we were able to get in earlier, but wow. The lines, man. We’d been warned by CF veterans and shown pictures, but even then we weren’t prepared for the lines.

Words or photos cannot accurately describe how many people there were. (Photo courtesy Seriously Sarah)

Words or photos cannot accurately describe how many people there were. (Photo courtesy Seriously Sarah)

The organisers say there were 25,000 visitors that weekend, but it felt like a lot more. For context, STGCC 2012 had about 35,000 visitors. Maybe it’s the venue but CF felt like if you rolled up STGCC and AFA together and multiplied them by three. It was so crowded that I didn’t know one of the exhibitors had a anime-decorated car on display until the end of the first day.

The con floor was basically 60% artist booths, a considerable difference from STGCC and AFA. Comic Fiesta started as a doujin event. It’s expanded considerably in ten years, but it still has a strong doujin (independent, self-published comics) culture. I really like that, because we don’t really have that here in Singapore.

I really enjoyed CF because it’s similar but also quite different, and in a good way. The fandoms are certainly different – there are some we see on both sides of the Causeway, but also some notable absences.

My only real complaints was how close to Christmas it was, and the crowd control at the entrance and exits. But I’m told it was considerably better than last year, so that’s less a complaint and more an observation.

Would I go back? Oh, yes! I’m definitely adding CF to my annual convention list.

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