A bit of dusting done…

… and I’m back! After taking a long break and getting things in order, haha. And I have a plan to blog more often.

Here’s what I have planned:

  • Mail Mondays: for postal things like postcards, stamps,  assorted mail, under the Going Postal category.
  • Tally-Ho Tuesdays: our adventures and whatnot! You may remember that Tally-Ho is what I call our adventure series.
  • Writerly Wednesday: all things related to writing and publishing, like calls for submission to anthologies, interesting workshops, stuff like that.
  • Takbolehtahan Thursday: random things that I want to talk about! “Tak boleh tahan” is Malay for “I can’t stand it”. What can I tak boleh tahan? My own pretentiousness, maybe. (Also I just like the phrase.)
  • Fandom Friday: for all things fandom, like comic books and movies.

What does this mean? It means I won’t be flooding your feeds, don’t worry. Every week it’ll be one or the other; maybe more, if there are special editions!

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