Tally Ho: Gone Fishin’


There’s a special place in my heart for Underwater World. I visited it several times as a child, because there was nothing much else. But over the years, it’s been supplanted by newer and shinier attractions.

But we headed back there because my friend, Seriously Sarah, won a chance to go swim with the sharks!

Yes. Did you know you can totally go diving with the sharks in Underwater World? Normally it’s quite expensive but Sarah has fantastic luck. Some of us got to go with her cos she needed someone to take photos, and we got 20% off the tickets, so of course we were game :D

To be honest, Underwater World has seen better days. It’s a bit old, and much less fancy than the SEA Aquarium nearby. But if you’ve been to both, it’s pretty obvious that the SEA Aquarium was modeled after Underwater World.

The first level is quite unassuming: there are petting tanks, big tanks, etc. Nothing particularly special. But when you go to the basement…

The famous Underwater World travelator tunnel

The famous Underwater World travelator tunnel

The tunnel was impressive to kid!me, and it still is, even though I’ve seen better. Half of it is a travelator; you just stand on it and it takes you through.

I didn’t realise the tunnel is made up of several tanks. There’s the main tank which you can see above, and a few smaller ones with some of the larger animals.

The diver led us to the spot where they’d enter the water, then brought Sarah backstage. We waited for a while until…

The diver and Sarah (right)

The diver and Sarah (right)

I think we were more enthusiastic than she was, but maybe it’s because of the glass. The tank is actually much bigger than it seems.

Sarah's fans - Jo, Max, and Lyn

Sarah’s fans – Jo, Max, and Lyn

She got to touch the fish that got close enough, but quite a lot of them – the sharks in particular – are very much like cats.  They’ll sit there and look at you, and then when you come closer to pet them they just swim away.

Although some were slower than others.

Although some were slower than others.

Just as she went into the water, a few huge groups of tourists came in. I think they were more interested in her than in the fish, ahahaha.

But yes! It was cool to visit. There are other things too, like a pink dolphins! Sadly we couldn’t make the show, but hopefully soon we’ll be able to. :D

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