Open Call – We Are Family

I’m back from Hong Kong, my lovely readers! And very pleased with what I’ve seen at Disneyland. I can’t wait to share everything, but give me some time while I recover from sunburn and a nasty cold that won’t go away.

In the meantime, here’s an open call from our friends at Books Actually, the excellent independent bookstore!

The anthology is called We Are Family, and this is what they’re looking for:

There are functional and dysfunctional family units in all shapes and sizes. Nuclear families comprising a mother, father and child/children are not necessarily happier and more loving than one which is different. […]

This is an open call for submissions for fiction and creative nonfiction stories about what it means to be in a family that doesn’t fit the traditional nuclear mould. To be set in Singapore or about Singaporean families living somewhere on planet earth (including the Antarctica), we are looking for moving or humorous stories that celebrate the different types of parenting and negotiation inside each individual household.

They’re looking for fiction and nonfiction submissions between 2,000 to 5,000 words. You could even do it during Nanowrimo, since the deadline is 15 November 2014! The collection is planned for next year.

Check out the full details here at Books Actually’s Facebook page.

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