HK Disneyland’s Third Hotel Announced!

I went to Comic Fiesta and I’d love to write about it, but I also recently removed all four wisdom teeth. It’s taking me longer than expected to recover; my CF trip recap will have to wait. In the meantime, exciting news from Hong Kong!

Hong Kong Disneyland just broke ground on their third hotel, the Disney Explorers Lodge.

Disney Explorers Lodge is set to open in 2017 (a little after the Iron Man Experience should open in the park), and it’ll have 750 rooms to add to the existing two hotels.

From what I saw when I was there last August, my guess it that it’s located between the Disneyland Hotel and Hollywood Hotel, which also means that the shuttle route probably won’t get very much longer.

Everything above is concept art, but I think it’s fairly safe to say that this is Hong Kong’s take on the Animal Kingdom Lodge in Walt Disney World, Florida, in the same way that the Disneyland Hotel is their version of the Grand Floridian.

No news on room prices yet, but this is one development I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on. Check out their concept art for more.

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