Postcrossing Singapore Meetup, 2015


The annual Singapore Postcrossing meetup is always in January, and this year was no exception! This year was a little more special, because we were at the Singapore Philatelic Museum!

It was a very hot Sunday when 28 of us gathered at the Philatelic Museum, a charming museum in the heart of our downtown area.

It was a pretty full house because their courtyard is small — it is a very small museum, after all. But it’s good to see so many familiar faces and new ones too!

Postcrossers busy signing away!

Postcrossers busy signing away!

As is the tradition, we had a lovely special postcard designed by jadesoo to mark the occasion. It was printed extra large, because last year there wasn’t enough space for all the names :p

I like that it featured the Philatelic Museum!

With the original artwork!

With the original artwork, which was done with watercolour pencil


I really like it, because sometimes I think we focus too much on how *~modern~* and high tech Singapore is. We forget that old things can be good, too.


Now with enough space for everyone to sign!


I also really enjoy seeing what postcards the others have. Some of them are really unique, like this one that was handdrawn and custom-cut by one of our Postcrossers! (Sorry, I didn’t get your name! I really like your postcard!)

It features the Merlion, which is half-fish and half-lion, and one of the symbols of Singapore. It’s weird, yeah, but look at how cute it is:

Merlion postcard

Merlion postcard

I sent most of mine, and I’m glad I chose the recent tourism stamp issue. It’s one of my favourites because it’s very colourful and quite fun.

It goes well with the Philatelic Museum’s special postmark, too!

With a fun stamp featuring some of our tourist attractions

With a fun stamp featuring some of our tourist attractions

And then it was off to post it at what I reckon is the coolest postbox in Singapore: the red one, directly outside. The red pillar box is the last working red postbox in Singapore, cos we used to be a British colony. Our current postboxes are white with blue stripes.

It's off to a lucky Postcrosser!

It’s off to a lucky Postcrosser!

I had a great time talking to other postal people about postmarks, stamps and postcards. Can’t wait for the next one.

Major thanks to our long-suffering organiser sybones and our postcard designer jadesoo, and everyone else who made the Postcrossing meetup possible!


Until next year!


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