An Introduction to Pressed Pennies

Souvenir medallions, elongated coins, pressed pennies… whatever you want to call them, pressed pennies are an inexpensive, unique souvenir.

They’re probably my favourite part of any Disney holiday. They’re a whole lot cheaper than most of the souvenirs in the park, and tracking down each machine is part of the fun.

I discovered pressed pennies […]

Disney Trip Wishlist

Good news, my dear readers! I am going back to my beloved Hong Kong Disneyland very soon. I’m so excited I can’t even.

To work through my excitement, I’ll be doing a series of posts on the things that I love at Disneyland. Hint: almost everything.

Don’t forget that I already have a guide to […]

Big UK Trip: Edinburgh

Edinburgh is way up in the north of the UK, but contrary to popular belief, it’s not in the Scottish Highlands. It’s actually in the Scottish Lowlands.

Sadly, the weather there is as bad as popular belief dictates. We were there for only about two and a half days but it was raining most […]

Big UK Trip: Cardiff, Part 2

Remember how I said Cardiff isn’t really a tourist town, because it’s a relatively small city in Wales? It really isn’t, but that’s part of its charm. But it was our very first stop for a very specific reason: the Doctor Who Experience!

I am a huuuuge Whovian. I discovered the show about the […]

Big UK Trip: Cardiff, Part 1

Do you know how far away London is from Singapore? I don’t either, but it is far.

So a back-breaking 13 hours after we set off from Singapore, my parents and I finally landed at Heathrow. You’ll notice that our first stop wasn’t London, and rightly so – we were off to Cardiff via […]