Dear Santa

This is your one-week reminder that it’s almost time to write to Santa!

Thanks to the good people at Canada Post, you can write to Santa Claus and even receive a letter back from the fat man in the red suit.

Well, it’s not Santa exactly because he’s busy delivering presents, but his volunteers […]

Two fun postcards

I love getting interesting postcards in the mail, and these two are my current favourites from the last few months.

I would love to track down the Ladybird book, just for that great cover (:


As a stamp collector, this pains me


On a side note: I may be going on a little hiatus, but hopefully not!

500 and counting


I’ve hit the big 500 on Postcrossing!

That’s 500 postcards registered as received by other users! (Not my age, because then I would be immortal and/or a vampire. Which I am not.) There are still a couple that haven’t reached their destination yet, but wow!

I joined Postcrossing on March 2nd, 2012. […]

Dear Santa, I’d Love an Infographic

CNN has a really fun infographic up on their site on letters to Santa! I’ll admit that this is a really super late post, but I left it in my drafts and completely forgot about it. Whoops.

Full disclosure: I’ve been writing to the Santa at Canada Post for the last couple of years, […]