About that SingPost fine

Earlier this week, our local postal authority SingPost was fined S$30,000 for a mail theft incident in September last year. About 400-500 postal items were stolen from an unattended delivery trolley.

This article from Today, one of our local English newspapers, sums it up very neatly:

The postwoman had left a trolley of mail […]

Aus Deutschland

Look what I found in this week’s mail!

Three consecutive Postcrossing IDs in a row! I feel so special, even though it’s not really anything. Hehehe.

Postcrossing Singapore meetup

A whole bunch of Singapore Postcrossers got together for our annual meet-up this January. I went to the 2013 one so I didn’t want to miss this year’s!

If you’ve never been to a Postcrossing meetup before, it’s quite fun. Usually there will be a commemorative postcard to mark the occassion, and they’re pretty […]

Postcrossing Open Call

Postcrossing needs your help! And since it’s my favourite postal project, I thought I’d boost the signal a little.

Community manager Ana will be doing an event next month to spread the snail mail love, but lots of folks haven’t received a postcard before. So she wants to give them one to help them […]

A little Disney magic

Did you know that each Disney theme park has a special commemorative stamps? And they’re pretty neat! […]