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The Steampowered Globe
The Steampowered Globe
The Steampowered Globe (2012)
Edited by Rosemary Lim and Maisarah Bte Abu Samah
ISBN: 978-981-07-0549-7

The Steampowered Globe
is the third and final collaboration between AS¡FF and the Happy Smiley Writers Group.

It features seven short stories by Singapore writers, all in the genre of steampunk (historical science fiction). If you've read HG Wells or Jules Verne, you've read steampunk.

Look out for my story, "Morrow's Knight"!

Available from our publisher, Two Trees.

Bubble G.U.M.
Bubble G.U.M.
Bubble G.U.M. (2010)
Happy Smiley
ISBN: 978-981-08-3557-6

It's 2045 and Prix Chan is beginning her National Service. Her father, Pierre, believes she can handle it but her mother, Su, is hysterical at the thought of her daughter leaving the safety of Singapore's Green Underwater Metropolis, the Bubble G.U.M., a self-sufficient city-state protected three miles beneath the waves by a dome of chewing gum.

Little does anyone know that in less than a week Prix will cause the biggest crisis to hit Singapore since the planet went into meltdown creating a world of water and a human civilisation on the brink of annihilation.

A collaborative novel from Happy Smiley (aka, the six members of the Happy Smiley Writers Group), Bubble G.U.M. is out to prove that thought-stretching sci-fi literature and revealing bikinis are not mutually exclusive.

Buy it from our publisher, Two Trees.

Happiness At The End of the World
Happiness At The End of the World
Happiness At The End of the World (2009)
By Happy Smiley and Friends
ISBN: 978-981-08-3580-4

A collection of eight short stories united by a common theme: happiness at world's end.

Each story features a different take of the theme in a variety of genres and
settings, which range from a desolate space station to worlds ravaged by
constant war. Genres include crime, romance and adventure.

Look for my story, "Inside Out"!

Available from our publisher.

So You Think You Can Write A Novel?
Happiness At The End of the World

So You Think You Can Write A Novel? (2006)
Edited by Rosemary Lim
ISBN: 978-981-261-325-7

One month-long writing competition. The goal: to reach 50,000 words. 185 participants from Singapore. 19 shortlisted authors. The result? One book - So You Think You Can Write a Novel?

This collection of novel excerpts showcases 19 eclectic pieces of homegrown, original fiction from some of the most promising new writers to have emerged from Singapore's literary scene. From lighthearted romance to dark murder mysteries, period pieces of historical fiction to wildly alternative fantasy worlds, So You Think You Can Write A Novel? has something for everyone and will whet your appetite for more.

Available from the publisher, Marshall Cavendish.


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